Actor Leslie Jordan death

Techno-education, The October car crash that killed beloved Will & Grace actor Leslie Jordan was caused by a “sudden cardiac dysfunction,” People reports.

Jordan, 67, was pronounced dead at the scene after an apparent medical emergency caused him to crash his BMW into the side of a building in Hollywood on October 24.

Now, three months after his death, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has confirmed that Jordan died of natural causes, listing “arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease” as a secondary factor.

Leslie Jordan’s Cause of Death Revealed

who shot to social media fame during COVID-19 quarantine with wholesome Instagram videos—was a scene-stealer in shows like American Horror Story and Call Me Kat, and left a lasting impact on anyone who knew him.

“He was a fabulous, fabulous person,” Call Me Kat star Mayim Bialik shared shortly after Jordan’s death, speaking to EW about honoring her friend and co-star on the sitcom.

“For us, we’re still grieving. Grief is a full process…we’re humans, and we lost our friend. We lost our little buddy.”

A representative for the actor took to Instagram shortly after news of Jordan’s death broke to remind mourners that his positive impact on the world will remain long after his death, writing,

“The love and the light that Leslie shared will never go out and we invite you to share your memories and comfort each other during this time.”

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office also confirmed that there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol in Jordan’s system at the time of the crash—an unsurprising find, given that the actor had been proudly sober for two decades prior to his death.

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Struggling with alcoholism from a young age, Jordan admitted that he used alcohol as a crutch for confidence and self-acceptance.

Recounting his first drink as a teen to People in 2021, Jordan shared: “I remember that, all of a sudden, I wasn’t that awkward kid who didn’t know what to do with his arms, who was afraid the ax was going to fall at any time.

It hit me: I was adorable, I was precious. And I stayed precious and adorable for the next 33 years.”

But his substance abuse struggles soon saw him facing jail time for a DUI, and the actor knew he had to make a change.

“The hardest thing that I ever did was getting sober, but I was so scared to go back to jail. I was so scared.”

Jordan is survived by his sister, Jana

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